Aquarian Soul's Relaxing Bath Products are Packaged Like Bags of Tea

Although many consumers are familiar with salts, bombs and bubbles for the bath, Aquarian Soul's bath soaks are branded in a neat way.

Just as many bath soak products are designed to aid in relaxation and detoxification, the purifying products from Aquarian Soul are presented as "Bath Teas." Much like a tea bag that you'd add to a cup of hot water, these extra large pouches can be added to a tub filled with warm water for easy scent infusion, soak and cleanup afterwards.

Inside the Bath Tea pouches, there are locally sourced flowers and herb blends, such as lavender, hibiscus, rose petals, lemon balm and soothing chamomile. By packaging the herb mixes in this way, it easily communicates that users will be steeping in goodness.