This Fresh and Natural Iced Tea Recipe is Devoid of Sugar & Empty Calories

 - Jun 23, 2015
This juice-infused iced tea is packed with an exciting assortment of flavors from different fruit, each of which lend their unique nutritional advantages to the beverage.

To get the best out of this iced tea recipe, start by washing a peach, a lemon, an orange and two carrots and peeling the citrus fruit. Then remove the peach pits and juice the lemon, orange, carrots and peach together to form the delectable fruity puree that will eventually be infused into your iced tea.

Now boil some water and steep eight to ten ounces of herbal tea, before shifting to the refrigerator to cool. Once the tea has cooled, combine with the juice. Then pour over ice and serve your delicious juice-infused iced tea.