DeeBee’s TeaPops Aim to be the Healthiest Popsicle Snacks

Enjoy a guilt-free summer snack with DeeBee’s TeaPops, organic tea popsicles that are made with natural sweeteners. Creating TeaPops began as a humble family activity by DeeBee's founder Dionne Laslo-Baker, who later realized her product could fill a void that existed in a lack of organic popsicles. Having stumbled upon this idea, Laslo-Baker sought to make the healthiest frozen popsicle ever and the TeaPops were born.

TeaPops are low in carbs, sugar and fat, made with certified organic ingredients and no GMOs. TeaPops are naturally sweetened using mangos, cherries, coconut flower blossom nectar and organic honey. TeaPops are available in white, black, or rooibos teas and come in five flavors, including Southern Iced Tea, Tropical Mango and Toasted Coconut. Teapops are high in antioxidants and are free of dairy, gluten and soy.