This Infographic Shows the Proper Glassware Paired with the Correct Brews

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: nachtmann-online & food52
This handy infographic neatly outlines the proper glassware that is associated with specific types of beers. While this guide might seem unnecessary, the vessel used to consume a particular alcohol plays a key role in the overall experience.

There are a variety of proper glassware pieces that should be used when consuming alcoholic beverages. For example, light beers are supposed to be generously poured into straight-walled glasses. Heavy flavored beers like stouts are "partial to short pours in squat, bulbous snifters." This guide also points out that wine glasses are used for more than just vino. In fact, wine glasses prove to be the ideal glass for saisons and farmhouse ales.

Unlike cocktail glasses, stemware used to consumer beer changes depending on each brew.