This Portable Water Purifier Creates Clean Drinking Water on the Go

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: ohgizmo
The 'MSR Sweetwater Purifier System' is a portable water purifier that uses a pump to collect and create clean drinking water.

The lever pump system lets users easily collect from a water source and filter it through the purifying system. Perfect for camping or possible emergency situations, this portable water purifier also comes with a purifier solution to kill 99.99 percent of waterborne viruses, bacteria and common protozoan parasites. All it takes is five drops of the solution per liter of water and five minutes for the purification process to create safe drinking water.

The MSR Sweetwater Purifier System also claims to produce better tasting water than other water purifiers. This is because the solution doesn't require iodine to sterilize the water, which can often create an unwanted and unpleasant aftertaste.