The Pirineos Wines Reveal Horse Wine Labels with a Majestic Black Horse

 - Sep 12, 2015
References: & lovelypackage
Designer Moruba created these elegant horse wine labels that feature the beautiful and majestic creature in a profile view. Each of the three varieties of the Pirineos wine contains the same image of the exact same horse.

The wine varieties are differentiated by the placement of a human hand, which is located on a different part of the horses face. The bottle of red Merlot features a hand placed on the horse's forehead. The white Chardonnay wine displays a human hand on the horse's cheek. Last, the bottle of Rose features a human hand placed on the horse's neck.

While these minimalist horse wine labels are only slightly different, they allow the brand to present a cohesive and classic visual. The wines are also slightly different with the color of the writing, which appears as a similar color to the wine that each bottle contains.