This Recipe Combines Two Delicious Treats into One Decadent Shake

The 'Public Lives, Secret Recipes' blog recently put together a recipe that combines two delicious desserts into one decadent shake. In recent months, several restaurants have sought to outdo one another with incredible milkshake creations. These shakes have featured everything from chocolate-filled donuts to full-size brownies.

For those who are eager to produce their own hybrid milkshake, this recipe provides the perfect starting point. To make the recipe, you will need an ice cream cone, cookies, hot fudge and the ice cream of your choice. One the milkshake base is assembled, prepare the ice cream topping by filling a cone with cookie crumbs, chocolate chips and hot fudge. The end result is a decadent shake that combines two beloved treats into one delicious drink.

The recipe is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer with one last milkshake dessert.