The 'Lost Republic' Celebrates the 1846 California Bear Flag Revolt

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: austondesign & packagingoftheworld
These whiskey labels for the Dry Creek Distilling Co. celebrate the short-lived 'Bear Flag Revolt' of 1846.

Designed by the Auston Design Group, the distillery asked for branding and packaging for its new line of 'Lost Republic' bourbon and rye whiskeys to reflect a brief but monumental period in Californian history. Known as the 'Bear Flag Revolt,' this three week span in the summer of 1846 marks when American insurgents hoisted the new California Republic flag to declare independence from Mexico.

To mark this era of history, period-appropriate components were incorporated into the brand's packaging and label. A woodcut-style grizzly bear drawing inspired from the original California 'Bear Flag' was chosen as the centerpiece of the label. Additional elements like the retro-inspired bottle, a 'Lost Republic' seal and a simulated rubber stamp all complete the label's ode to Californian history.