The Amsterdam Navigator Small Beer Can Brands Itself as a Pocket-Sized Brew

The Amsterdam Navigator Shot is a small beer that diverges from the more-is-more attitude adopted in the packaging of tallboy cans, six-packs and large growlers. The "beer shot" is reminiscent of a chubby soda can and brands itself as the "first strong pocket-size beer," coming in at 237 ml.

Considering that there is a market full of accessories designed to make the lives of drinkers easier when it comes to transporting beverages, this design addresses these issues simply by getting smaller. The small beer cans take cues from other liquor drinks, suggesting that the shot-like size will deliver just as much fun as some of the more potent alcoholic shots.

The small, convenient size of the beer can is extremely appealing to consumers, especially as many people prefer to snack and sample frequently on the go, instead of sitting down to enjoy a full meal.