This Coca-Cola Logo is Rebraded With Parts of the Body the Drink Harms

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: & foodiggity
Talented graphic designer Fabio Pantoja recently gave the Coca-Cola logo an satirical rebranding using anatomical organs. The organs chosen to spell out the beverage brand's name showcase the various body parts the soda harms.

It is well-known that continuously drinking soda isn't good for the body and Pantoja's designs reflect this with a unique portrayal of what the cola pop does to the inside of the body. The logo is made up of body parts such as the heart, bones, skin, bladder, liver, brain and stomach that has been warped and shaped to spell out the brand's name. Underneath the new logo is the words, "Uncover the Truth" followed by, "internal organs damaged by Coca-Cola." The design brings to attention how soda can be extremely harmful to the body.