This Belt Design Conveniently Holds a Six-Pack of Beer Around Your Waist

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: fancy & fancy
If you're preparing for an all day festivity where you know you'll be enjoying a six-pack of beer, perhaps this belt design is just what you need to wear. This belt is designed to be a holster that can hold six beers simultaneously around your waist meaning you'll always have your brews handy.

There's nothing quite like enjoying a few cold beers on a hot day, but having to trudge back to the fridge or the cooler to retrieve your next one can be a pain. Thankfully this beer holster is equipped to hold six beers comfortably around your waist and keep them cool. The holster is made from a black high-tech material that keeps the beers sturdy and in place while you move about and enjoy yourself in the sun.