From Interactive Wine Menus to Customized Drink Campaigns

 - Dec 15, 2015
These personalized bar experiences demonstrate that consumers are no longer satisfied with an ordinary night out. Indeed, consumers are increasingly expecting brands to tailor their products to their unique preferences while also providing them with additional content. As a result, many brands are looking for new ways to personalize the drink-buying experience.

One of the easiest ways that bars and other beverage companies can personalize the customer experience is by offering custom drink options. For some brands, this involves doing away with traditional menus and letting the consumer come up with their own concoctions instead. Another option is to provide technology that allows consumers to blend and customize their orders digitally.

Beyond providing consumers with custom drink options, a personalized bar experience can also be achieved through direct interaction with the consumer. By speaking to consumer directly, brands are able to demonstrate their desire to tailor the experience to the individual's unique preferences. This kind of interaction can be achieved through a workshop, a pairing class or social media engagement.