The 'Bitter Tears' Workshop Teaches People to Make Drinks Out of Their Tears

 - Dec 7, 2015
References: bompasandparr & bustle
'Bompas & Parr' is set to host a workshop called 'Bitter Tears,' which involves teaching people how to make cocktails out of human tears. If you've ever wanted a unique way to convey sadness and despair, this workshop might just be the perfect option.

Bitter Tears in an interactive workshop that teaches participants how to make cocktails from their own bodily fluids. More specifically, participants learn how to create alcoholic cocktail bitters from their own pasteurized tears. In order to collect the tears, participants will be subjected to an impassioned classical soundtrack, deep massages and menthol. The tears are then pasteurized, tinctured with high-proof alcohol and finally infused with a personalized combination of herbs and spices. After the workshop is complete, each participant will walk away with two bottles of teary alcoholic bitters.

Although the workshop may sounds unusual, the event's creators argue that "the bitter tears will be delicious as well as a decadent gift."