This User-Friendly Device Purifies Wine by Removing Sulfites

 - Dec 31, 2015
References: ullowine & indiegogo
James Kornacki is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for a device that restores wine to its natural state by removing sulfites. Sulfites are preservatives added to wine in order to prevent spoilage and oxidation. Some consumers are sensitive to sulfites, which makes it hard to enjoy wine straight from the bottle.

'Üllo' is a unique device that makes it easier for sulfite-sensitive consumers to enjoy their favorite wine. The device is a wine purifier that restores wine to its preservative-free state simply by removing the added sulfites. Üllo works by using a porous filter to selectively remove sulfites as the wine flows through it. The device works to maintain the original taste and character of the wine, while simultaneously reducing the sulfites to a naturally occurring level. The filter also captures any sediment in the wine, ensuring that each sip is pure and smooth.

Üllo is ideal for consumers who are sensitive to sulfates or simply looking to enjoy wine in its natural and preservative-free state.