These Golden Lettered Wines Were Created by the Granvik Shipping Company

 - Aug 31, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
Designer Andriy Muzichka created these authentic sea ship wines for the Granvik Shipping company. The elegant bottles and the labels are designed to honor the shipping company's means of transporting goods -- by boat.

The creative labels are designed with unique names that represent each of its ships which are actually used to transport items to and from land destinations. The names are written in elegant gold text and read phrases such as "Sea Sprinter" and "Sea Trader." In addition to the gilded writing, the unique labels display blueprints and technical details that are associated with each ship. These blueprints sit atop the deep and colorful labels that boast rich hues of purple and green.

These sea ship wines were originally created to gift to customers of Granvik Shipping company and pay tribute to their continual service and loyalty to the brand.