This Brand of German Brew Makes No Promises of Life-Changing Flavors

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
Contained within this medicine bottle beer packaging is a beverage that claims to make no claims. The name, Mittelmaß, means 'Average' in English, and this is the first impression that the maker would like the product to leave.

Fabian Fohrer asks, "shouldn't beer preferably be liked by its taste, instead by its description?" He hopes that the drinker will be able to form his own opinion of the beverage without influence from any type of marketing––likely from advertising, right down the the label. It's a noble idea, and a good one.

The trick, however, is that there's a uniqueness to this medicine bottle beer packaging scheme that makes the brand stand out. This combined with the punchy typography seems to communicate an edginess, yet a link to tradition, that stirs up assumptions and expectations in the consumer. It begs to ask: is there a wholly neutral way to package a product?