The Infinite Monkey Theorem Sets Itself Apart by Serving Wine by the Can

The Infinite Monkey Theorem is a quirky urban winery that produces a variety of red and white wine by the can. In addition to differentiating itself from other wine producers by serving some of its wines in cans, The Infinite Monkey Theorem also sets itself apart by boasting "No vineyard. No pretense."

As well as featuring branding that describes the product as: "Ridiculously good wine in a can you can drink anywhere," The Infinite Monkey Theorem calls out its white wine by noting that it's particularly "Shotgunnable."

Canned wine has caught the eyes of the average consumer by being simple and unceremonial, with even a few expert wine connoisseurs confessing that wine in a can is more practical than traditional bottles, especially when it comes to targeting the young Millennial market.