The Domin Mie Premium Instant Thai Noodles Feature Delicious Branding

Designed by the Prompt Design agency, the Domin Mie premium instant Thai noodles feature a packaging design that plays with the physical imagery of the product. Transforming the noodles into the capital letter D, the Domin Mie noodle branding sees the delicious ingredients swirled to identify how literally delicious they are.

Prepackaged and convenience foods are becoming a more popular option for a variety of different consumers on an international level. As such, many brands are taking a proactive approach to the branding efforts in order to convey how a product is fast, delicious and nutritious even though it's not made from fresh ingredients. This is apparent with the Domin Mie premium instant Thai noodles branding that ties all the ingredients into a deliciously inviting design.