From Pea Protein Powders to Beef Broth Teabags

 - Nov 26, 2016
With ideas like sweet dessert pizzas, chocolate-butter hybrids and cracker snacks that are specifically meant to be consumed with a pint of beer making up a few of the November 2016 food branding ideas, consumers are exploring the idea of permissible indulgence now more than ever.

For quite some time now, the public has been fixated on health and wellness themes, but a spotlight on ideas like these shows that rules are becoming less stringent and more relaxed. One of the most notable examples of this is a concept design for a smoothie kit called 'Natura' made with genetically modified food ingredients.

While Halloween has come to a close, some of the best food branding designs to be revealed for the season included Burger King's festive Chicken Fries boxes, Muller's monstrous flavored milk bottles for kids and Captain Morgan's Jack-O'Blast pumpkin-shaped packaging.