Lewis Road Creamery's 'Chocolate Butter' Blends a Sweet Spread and Dairy

In collaboration with confectionery manufacturer Whittaker's, Lewis Road Creamery is offering a new product called 'Chocolate Butter' that will delight those who have been craving an innovative breakfast spread.

With the rise of Nutella and other chocolate-infused nut butter products, consumers have come to love chocolatey breakfast spreads. Chocolate Butter sets itself apart from many comparable products on the market, as it is made with the creamery's own award-winning artisan butter and Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana Chocolate, both of which have been combined into a rich and creamy whipped format and packaged into "little pots of gold."

The decadent Chocolate Butter product could be enjoyed in a number of different ways as a spread and perhaps even as an addition to recipes for baked goods for an unexpected hint of sweetness.