'Chowza!' Confections are Crispy Snacks with a Sweet Twist

 - Oct 4, 2016
References: codypetts & packageinspiration
Snacks and candy usually go hand-in-hand but are different products, so 'Chowza!' confections are crispy snacks that merge product variations.

With branding designed by Cody Petts, 'Chowza!' is focused on providing a quality snack that's crunchy, sweet and satisfying. The snack confection consists of a crispy center that has been mixed with chocolate and peanut butter before being tossed in powdered sugar. The combination of flavors and textures enables the crispy snack to be deliciously satisfying and hard to stop eating.

The 'Chowza!' confectionery snacks are crafted in Minnesota and help to satisfy a growing movement towards foods that cross different flavors and textures. As foodie culture continues to be popular and consumers seek out new ways to enjoy classic ingredients, we'll likely continue to observe delicious products like 'Chowza!'