Snoqualmie's Frozen Lavender Dessert Celebrates a Flavorful Herb

 - Oct 6, 2016
References: snoqualmieicecream
Snoqualmie’s all-natural and handcrafted French Lavender Ice Cream boasts a simple list of ingredients—cream, milk, skim milk, sugar and sugared egg yolks—yet packs a flavorful punch with an infusion of lavender buds. Botanical ingredients like lavender are becoming popular additions to a range of food and beverage products, since they offer bold, yet healthful, ways to add interest and flavor to familiar items.

The frozen ice cream dessert is free from GMO ingredients, gluten as well as RBST, a hormone that is often injected into dairy cattle in order to promote a greater production of milk.

In addition to making a range of interesting ice cream flavors, Snoqualmie also makes custard, sorbet and gelato desserts in unusual varieties.