The Bio-tiful Dairy Cultured Milk Beverages are Deliciously Healthy

 - Oct 27, 2016
References: biotifuldairy & foodbev
The Bio-tiful Dairy cultured milk beverages are intended to provide consumers with a delicious way to get their fill of nutrients from dairy and the probiotic benefits from kefir. The drinks are made using high-quality premium cow's milk that has been mixed with live kefir cultures to create a beverage that satisfies those looking for a healthy edge with their food products.

Fermentation has quickly become a hot topic amongst health-focused consumers who are praising foods that have been fermented as being a great way to obtain healthy probiotics. The new Bio-tiful Dairy cultured milk beverages aim to fulfill a preference for fermented food and drink in a convenient manner that doesn't require any additional work on the consumer's end to enjoy.