These Wines Come with a Distinct Playful Label

 - Sep 30, 2016
References: & packagingoftheworld
The avian wine branding by 'Vina Alexandar' has a distinct look that ensures it will stand out on shelves and will likely be remembered.

With the multitude of options of wines on the market, labeling can be a key determinant in who will purchase which bottles. The Vina Alexandar wines were designed by the creative agency 'Studio 33' and each features a different-colored illustration of an owl. The owls are vibrant and impossible to miss, ensuring that the bottles themselves will capture the attention of consumers. There are five different wines in this collection including a chardonnay, a rhine riesling, a red cabernet sauvignon, a merlot and a rose.

By showcasing imagery that immediately directs the eye to these avian wines, Studio 33 has succeeded in its goal.