The Kourellas Organic Greek Yogurt Gets Friendly Through Branding

It's never easy to establish an honest, thoughtful connection with consumers, but the Kourellas Organic Greek Yogurt packaging does so with grace and style. Designed by the G Design Studio, the yogurt packaging is emblazoned with information in a conversational tone. Rather than simply stating nutritional facts and ingredients, the packaging speaks directly to consumers by saying, "Kourellas says: Indulge in whole milk organic greek yogurt. Amazingly cream, tasty & good for you too!"

The relaxed, friendly branding approach conveys product quality through simple conversation rather than relying on other branding techniques. The Kourellas yogurt packaging is vibrant with a variety of different hues that pertain to the various flavors offered. Each one speaks as though it were in the middle of a conversation with a consumer for a cheery, approachable aesthetic.