These Dried Organic Beans Allow Consumers to Grow Their Own Plants

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
These organic beans can be used to grow plants and the packaging they come in has two different purposes.

The product came to fruition as a result of a project assigned to the designer Brenna Veenstra and works to enhance eco-friendly lifestyles. Called 'Haulm,' the product encourages consumers to "do their part" and take action when it comes to growing their own foods. The project is socially, economically and environmentally friendly and comes in the form of a glass jar with a wooden top that contains dried pinto beans that people can use to grow plants. The container can also be used to hold the plants as they grow if soil is added to them.

These organic beans encourage individuals to become more involved in environmentally friendly practices in a way that is relatively simple.