These Sunglasses are Packaged in Vibrant Boxes

 - Oct 5, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
Sunglasses branding in the form of packaging is not necessarily a primary concern for companies that sell the products, but the brand 'Kypers' chose to make it one of its focuses.

As the brand's sunglasses were designed to appeal to younger demographics, it unsurprisingly chose to use bold colors and graphics in order to emphasize this in its packaging. The sunglasses come in either boxes or cylindrical tins, with the former featuring images of the types of glasses inside and the latter using similar bold patterns and typography. The sunglasses inside may not be the most functional in terms of sun protection, but are likely to appeal to young demographics.

By using color and playful graphics to decorate this packaging, this company's sunglasses branding is able to capture the attention of its target demographic.