The Breadski Brothers 'That Bread' Packaging is Convenient

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: & thedieline
Designed by True Story, the Breadski Brothers 'That Bread' baked bread packaging looks to make the product easy to identify by consumers and quick to pick up.

Consisting of full loaves and even individual packs with two slices, the Breadski Brothers 'That Bread' branding is focused on the evolving needs of modern consumers. While loaves of bread have been the norm for ages, consumers will likely appreciate the individual packs that enable them to purchase only what they need in the moment.

The branding of the packaging features an animated baker with a corresponding color outfit on that pertains to the style of bread inside. Simple product descriptions enable the Breadski Brothers 'That Bread' baked bread packaging to be easy to read and understand in the bakery aisle.