This Single-Serve Snack Pack Comes in a Shareable Container

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: ampaconline & packagingdigest
The E-Z SnackPak is an all-new single-serve snack packaging solution from Ampac that takes the form of a tetrahedron-shaped pouch. The unique shape of this snack packaging design means that consumers are able to enjoy the ease of carrying around a small snack, yet also take advantage of a convenient tray-shaped design once the container is torn open. This transformative packaging design makes sharing or serving snacks easy, without transferring the snacks to an entirely new container.

As well as being of benefit to consumers, the unique shape of the single-serve snack pack provides added protection during the shipping and handling process, since triangular shapes are some of the strongest in all of geometry.

Ampac suggests that its E-Z SnackPak is ideal for packaging everything from pet treats to frozen foods and microwavable products.