From Rustic Yogurt Pouches to Smart Rum Bottles

 - Oct 29, 2016
High-fashion confectionery packaging, Millennial-targeted cafe branding and frozen fruit smoothie kits are a few of the top October 2016 branding ideas, which help to put an emphasis on everything from purity to connectivity, style and the care that goes into the making of a product.

While extremely spicy chips and black-colored beverages are among a few things that many consumers avoid, clever branding has the ability to transform these products into items that people crave. Gourmet chip company Paqui achieved this by packaging its ultra-spicy chips in individual packages, suggesting that a person can only handle one at a time. Similarly, Suja Juice created a huge amount of buzz around its limited-edition activated charcoal drinks by smartly leveraging public figures on social media.

Some of the most interesting examples of co-branding include Lay's Swiss Chalet Sauce-flavored chips and M&M's high-end Stærk Designer Collection created by Camilla Stærk for Paris Fashion Week.