These Tampons are Packaged in Minimalist Boxes

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: pearlfisher & thedieline
Tampon branding tends to be bright and at times, borders on garish -- but Chinese company Yoai avoids that pattern in the products it produces and sells.

Called 'Femme,' the tampon products are designed in a way that purposely empowers women and represents menstruation as something natural and nothing to be ashamed of. It downplays the conservatism that often marks the conversations, or lack thereof, related to a woman's period by clearly informing the user on the outside of the box on how to properly use a tampon. The boxes come in muted pastel colors with minimal labeling and silhouettes that make up the shape of a woman.

This tampon branding works to empower girls and women who experience periods in a way that is sophisticated yet bold.