The New 'SaraLight' Packaging Shows Promise for Promotional Marketing

 - Sep 16, 2016
References: saralon & packagingeurope
The consumer product market is shifting to favor technological integration more than ever, so the 'SaraLight' packaging design comes as a welcome addition for promotional marketing purposes. The 'SaraLight' packaging design will feature an exterior that would have a multicolor display that's capable of displaying a variety of different functionalities.

In addition to the 'SaraLight' packaging, the brand, Saralon, has also announced the 'SaraIllu' technology that would enable circuitry to be printed onto paper, glass or foil. Combined, the two technologies could help to provide complex solutions for the promotional marketing of products or to help catch the eye of consumers on store shelves.

The 'SaraLight' packaging identifies the use of printed electronics and the potential they have to help revolutionize the consumer good market to add enhanced functionality and value.