'Quoats' Hot Porridge Blends Healthy Ingredients for a Filling Meal

Although breakfast is purported to be the most important meal of the day not many people can afford the time to eat it, so 'Quoats' hot porridge is intended to be a simpler option. Focused on delivering a product that can be eaten while on-the-go, 'Quoats' is packed with quinoa, oats and flax to provide a healthy breakfast that's protein-rich. This ensures that the meal will keep you full longer without having to reach for extra snacks between meals.

The packaging for 'Quoats' was designed by Tonik and features a clean branding aesthetic and a convenient design that's easy to carry out the door. 'Quoats' hot porridge and its associated packaging helps satisfy a growing demand for on-the-go foods that are healthy and quick to prepare and enjoy.