7Pets' Natural Cat Litter Uses Earth Ingredients for Odor Control

 - Feb 21, 2017
References: prweb & garfieldcatlitter
Rather than attempting to mask odors with chemicals or synthetic fragrances, this all-natural cat litter from 7Pets boasts just ingredients of the earth for odor control. As the brand describes, it uses only a "plant-based tropical formula" using natural ingredients sourced from South America.

The trio of Garfield Cat Litter products introduce 100% natural and biodegradable kitty litter products, including two which can be flushed down the toilet. The three types available are differentiated by size, including a Grand Litter, a Tiny Litter and a Super Clump Litter, which instantly form solid easy-to-clean balls for scooping out of the box.

As well as boasting a dust-free formula, the products are also formulated in a light white coloring that helps pet owners to distinguish changes in a cat's urine color that may alert them to a health issue that needs attention.