From Scary Movie Promotions to Interactive Anti-Smoking Ads

 - Feb 25, 2017
The February 2017 marketing trends have been quite dynamic in their scope, with everything from movie promotions that scare unsuspecting strangers to anti-smoking bus stop billboards.

To promote the upcoming movie 'Rings,' an electronics store was set up with a prop TV that opened up to reveal a girl wearing a ratty costume and frightening makeup. The actress crawled out of the prop TV to scare unsuspecting customers, who most often reacted by screaming and running away.

The Stockholm-based Apotek Hjartat bus stop billboard was designed with the goal of creating awareness about the harms of smoking. The billboard is normally an advertisement for the pharmacy, and when a smoker walks past it, it has a sensor that is able to detect the smoke. The ad then turns to a video of a man coughing, and once it has captured the attention of smokers, it reveals images of products that aid the process of quitting smoking.