The Crystal Pepsi Trail Hearkens to the Era of the Drink's Release

 - Jan 24, 2017
References: pepsico & youtube
Crystal Pepsi was an iconic soda from the 90s, and Pepsi is reinvigorating the spirit of that halcyon era with its 'Crystal Pepsi Trail' campaign. Drawing on some of the most classic styles of the pre-millennium decade as well as the motif of 'The Oregon Trail,' the campaign lets consumers play an online game of trials and tribulations.

Crystal Pepsi itself is one of the most nostalgic sodas of the 90s. The clear cola was unique and striking, capturing the consumers of the era. With 90s nostalgia in full swing in the present day, Pepsi is bringing back the beverage.

The Crystal Pepsi Trail marketing campaign uses humor to appeal to consumers. Rather than riding in a wooden wagon, like in The Oregon Trail, player embark in a wood-paneled station wagon. Further, potential encumbering factors include players' Tamagotchis dying or the dial-up internet taking too long.