The Flyte Story Uses Magnetic Levitation to Depict Time

 - Feb 16, 2017
References: kickstarter & theverge
The Flyte Story is a piece of home decor that relies on impressive, enchanting technology to give visual depictions of conceptual journeys and calendar time alike. The circular timepiece consists of a slab of wood and a metal orb that floats over the top of the surface, moving in patterns dictated by time.

Through the use of powerful and precise magnets, the metal orb hovers and moves across the Flyte Story. That orb's location and movement can tell the time of day based on where it is within a preset orbit. The duration of the orbit is fully customizable — it can be set to reach the peak every hour so people can see what minute it is, or it can be set to more abstract times. For instance, users can set the orbit to complete on the day of their first marathon or on the first day of spring.