'Chess Vase' Turns the Strategy Game into a Lively Battle of Minds

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: xyz.ge
Chess Vase, a new decor design from XYZ Integrated Architecture, lets grandmasters replace rooks with rhododendrons, push pawns out for posies, and bring blue bells instead of bishops. As its name implies, the clever piece of pottery combines the ancient strategy game with a far less martial theme: flowers.

On its own, Chess Vase doesn't look like much of anything. The gently curved white shamot slab has 64 holes in it, arranged in an eight by eight grid, but without context it would just look like a strangely functionless piece of pottery. After placing flowers in it in the correct configuration, its purpose is more evident. Matching different flower to chess pieces, people can wage board game war with the symbols of peace.