From Competitive GIF Games to Goo-Shaped Gaming Controllers

 - May 28, 2017
Video games are immensely popular — so much so that for some consumers, traditional entertainment (e.g. television, movies, etc.) takes a definitive back seat, and the May 2017 gaming concepts here show that traditional media producers are wising up to that consumer sentiment. Many media franchises are doing their best to parlay their media experiences into a gamer-friendly format, often with hilarious and effective results.

For whatever reason, it seems that cartoon comedy franchises have the best luck converting to the interactive space of video games. 'Archer,' the FX sitcom about hapless intelligence agents, has recently created a smartphone game that makes use of augmented reality, and 'Rick and Morty,' the irreverent Adult Swim sci-fi spoof, has released a virtual reality game that brings gamers on a hilarious and horrendous journey through the show's multiple universes.