MintyPi 2.0 Lets You Play 'Donkey Kong Country' in an Altoids Tin

 - Apr 12, 2017
References: sudomod & businessinsider
YouTuber and DIYer Sudomod has just revealed mintyPi 2.0, a gaming device housed in an Altoids tin. The tiny handheld is powered by Raspberry Pi and even includes WiFi. When mintyPi first debuted it looked raw. The electrical innards were exposed and the screen hung loosely as it was not supported by a hinge.

MintyPi 2.0 fixed those aesthetic issues with 3D-printed parts. The hinge and colored housing on the second version were all printed from a computer. Sound comes from a USB sound card to ensure that the tiny device makes as much (clear and crisp) noise as possible. MintyPi 2.0 obviously can't play the latest and greatest games due to hardware limitations. However, it is able to play retro classics like "Donkey Kong Country" just fine.