GIFs Against Friends Challenges You to Make the Quickest and Best Reference

 - Apr 22, 2017
References: & producthunt
GIFs Against Friends is exactly what it sounds like. OK, that description is a bit vague if you are unfamiliar with the uber-popular Cards Against Humanity. In short: GIFs Against Friends has you competing against pals to submit the funniest GIF for a given prompt. Like Cards Against Humanity the entries are anonymous and a single judge picks the winner.

Players can select from a list of prompts or write their own. GIFs Against Friends is designed to be simple to play yet requires a quick wit and thumbs in order to beat out the competition. Those who aren't hip to the best memes and GIFs may find this game a bit tough to understand. For those who live to make references GIFs Against Friends is out now as a free download for iOS.