Neosensory Has Developed the VEST, Which Reinterprets Sounds

 - Apr 12, 2017
References: neosensory
Neosensory's VEST is made up of 32 vibrating motors that allow wearer's to understand sound and speech by training their brains to rethink how sound is interpreted.

The VEST is able to pick up sounds from the wearer's environment and interprets it into vibrating patterns across their torso, and as time goes on the wearer is able to understand what people are saying around them through these patterns. The VEST has a multitude of potential uses that help to develop new sense perceptions in wearers, including but not limited to "sound, infrared vision, VR gaming, stock market data, etc."

Neosensory's VEST works to expand wearers' perception beyond the limited number of senses that humans are born with.