The Calyos NSG S0 PC Cases Work Like Refrigerators to Keep Components Cool

 - Apr 7, 2017
References: kickstarter & coolthings
Computer components need to stay cool in order to prevent them from overheating or causing damage, which is what the Calyos NSG S0 PC cases enable in a far more intense way. Outfitted with the same technology found in refrigerators and freezers, the Calyos NSG S0 cases are completely noiseless and don't have any fans. This means they can be placed on a desktop without having to worry about monotonous noises constantly emanating from the unit.

The Calyos NSG S0 PC cases are highly modern in design aesthetic and are capable of being used by intensive users for many things such as gaming, designing and much more. The Calyos NSG S0 chassis features a modern glass outer cover, while the cooling system itself has no fan, pump or water.