'Minecraft Pocket' Now Has an Online Store That Includes PC Add-Ons

 - Apr 11, 2017
References: engadget
Though it may look pedestrian to outsiders, Minecraft has proven to be one of the most successful video games of the past decade, and its mobile counterpart, Minecraft Pocket, has now received an update to keep spreading the simple, faux 8-bit gospel. The new Minecraft Pocket Marketplace, as the shop is called, lets users purchase content from community creators — a feature that was previously inaccessible for those who played the game exclusively on mobile.

Marketplace doesn't allow users to purchase content (such as skins, textures, and worlds) directly. Like many other mobile games, Minecraft Pocket instead runs on a mini-economy of Minecraft Coins that users purchase en masse, leveraging that digital currency to then purchase add-ons within the game's shop.