The LÖV Stand Contains Umbrella Spillage and Waters Plants

 - Apr 13, 2017
References: & design-milk
The LÖV stand is a clever piece of furniture that solves two problems at once. People living in cities with high levels of precipitation — around the Pacific Northwest or the United Kingdom, for example — tend to be umbrella connoisseurs. They also tend to know the frustrating mess that umbrellas can make once brought inside after a downpour, leaving rainwater in a small indoor puddle. The LÖV stand clears away those puddles while simultaneously fulfilling another household chore.

The multifunctional umbrella stand, which was designed by Jean Huang, consist of little more than a ring and a horizontal bar suspended above two planters. The trick is that wet umbrellas, when hung on these hooks, will drip their excess water directly into the plants below.