The 'Osciblade' Can Sharpen Pencils with Precision without Electricity

 - Apr 17, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'Osciblade' is designed to sharpen pencils and/or crayons with total precision by using manual power and manipulation. The unit is designed with the basic aesthetic of a traditional pencil sharpener in mind but with a distinctive deviation that ensures precision results. This is thanks to the single blade that is utilized to carve the writing utensil rather than twist and shave it for a more antiquated approach to keeping your equipment ready for use.

The 'Osciblade' could potentially extended the life of your writing utensils by being able to sharpen pencils on a far more precision basis rather than when just one part requires it. The 'Osciblade' is the design work of Nirmayee Rode and comes as an old-fashioned response to new designs that just don't cut it.