From Eye-Protecting Lamps to Fidget-Friendly Stools

 - Jul 25, 2017
There is a constant stream of new office products available on the market, with items ranging from those that protect workers from day-to-day nuisances, to those that seek to enhance productivity in unique but healthy ways.

An example of the former is the iProtect Silicon Base Light, which was designed specifically to reduce the eye strain, and accompanying fatigue and headaches, that can occur when people look at their screens for several hours a day. The light has adjustable settings and seeks to protect users' eyes, while offering a flexible design that enhances its ability to be used in a variety of different settings.

Muista Seating Chairs are an example of brands seeking unique ways to enhance productivity in consumers. With "fidgeting" being touted as the newest and simplest focus-boosting craze, Muista Chairs are able to rock back and forth to ensure users are taking part in "active sitting." The chairs' distinct functionality enhances the health of those who use them, while trying to mitigate the restlessness that can occur after long periods spent sitting down.