Dizolve Reduces Transportation Pollution by 94 Percent

 - Mar 20, 2017
References: dizolve & huddle.today
Environmental consciousness has become an important topic in the world of cleaning products, and Dizolve laundry detergent addresses consumer concerns in a creative, unexpected way. While most products focus on the ingredients in order to reduce their negative impact on the environment, Dizolve takes a broader approach. The detergent comes in sheets rather than powder or liquid, making them far more space efficient and easy to transport.

While cleaning products do indeed need to deal with the environmental impact of their ingredients, all products in the world are transported in order to get to the store shelves. Thus, the more product that can be moved in a single shipment, the less energy needs to be used in getting them from point A to point B. Dizolve's paper strips take up significantly less space than powder or liquid containers yet still offer the same cleaning power, ultimately reducing transportation pollution by 94 percent.