Lakanto's Natural Sweetener is a Calorie-Free Sugar Substitute

 - Mar 8, 2017
References: amazon & lakanto
Lakento's natural sweetener range is infused with monk fruit and is a calorie-free alternative to processed sugar products. While traditional sugars can feature an array of artificial additives, this all-natural product is one that health-conscious consumers can feel good about. Additionally, the sugar substitute is certified vegan and is gluten-free, adhering to those with dietary restrictions.

This zero calorie monk fruit sweetener also boasts a glycemic index of zero, making it a choice that is ideal for those adapting to a healthy diet plan. The sweetener doesn't sacrifice flavor and tastes just as sweet as traditional sugar, without racking up the same calorie count.

Known for its nourishing properties, monk fruit works as a sugar substitute while aiding with digestion at the same time -- making this sweetener one with multiple benefits.