Nectave's Premium and Natural Nectar is a Healthy Sugar Alternatvie

 - Mar 8, 2017
References: nectave & m5corporation
Nectave is a natural sweetener brand specializing in premium agave nectars that boast a low glycemic index and a bold flavor profile. A healthy alternative to traditional sugar products which can be processed and chemically enhanced, this product is a 100% natural and is made from organic blue agave.

In addition to being an ideal addition to tea and coffee beverages or healthy desserts, Nectave's agave nectars sweetener is also a proven antioxidant, working to aid with digestion and vitamin absorption.

Despite of being sweeter in taste than processed sugars, this sweetener is actually healthier than its counterpart. The liquid sweetener is ideal for on the go use and is will appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking to indulge without the guilt.